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Smoky Bacon Cheddar


Not many people would have to be talked into trying this flavor combination. What’s not to love about hickory smoke, cheddar, and bacon? Full-flavored and hearty, our Lactose-Free Smoky Bacon Cheddar is superb for slicing and snacking. Or try shredding it to elevate a plain baked potato into a gooey, smoky, cheesy masterpiece.

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Hot Buffalo Wing Cheddar


Blistering hot buffalo wing sauce flavor is hand-rubbed into our cool and creamy cheddar. The spicy exterior of our Lactose-Free Hot Buffalo Wing Cheddar is a blend of hot chilies, garlic, onions, and sweet cream for a combination you will call crave-worthy.

Slice it and serve it on a grilled chicken sandwich or fold it into a wrap for a hot and savory cheddar burst.

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Ole! Our fieriest chili concoction yet features habanero and jalapeño peppers. Tastebuds and sales have heated up as people discover the flavor that took home top honors as the “Hot Cheese” at the Fiery Food Challenge. Give a boost to burritos and a spice to souffles.

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This cheese has brought home awards for its smoky-sweet flavor. The caliente kick of red Morita jalapeño chilies combined with the New England mellow of Vermont milk make this a natural for transforming any snack into a smoky sizzler!

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