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Fresh Chèvre


Hildene Farm Chevre is made by hand from the milk of the farm’s herd of 25 milking does. It takes four milkings to gather enough to make a batch of the Chevre. Once enough milk is collected, typically around 48 hours after the initial milking, it is pasteurized and allowed to cool. Cultures and a minute amount of rennet are then added to the milk and it is divided into small, 4-gallon containers that are covered and allowed to rest overnight. During this time, the milk coagulates into a semi-solid mass. The cheesemakers closely monitor this coagulated milk until it reaches a specific pH level. Then it is hand-ladled into molds without cutting or stirring. The newly molded cheeses are allowed to drain while in their molds for a full day. They are then transported to a cool, temperature controlled room, where they are removed from their molds, salted and left to drain on cheese matting. Over the course of an additional two days, the cheeses are salted and flipped a few more times until the flavor and consistency are correct.

This Chevre has a very rich, dense, almost cream cheese like consistency. Its flavors are generally light and clean, but there are seasonal variations. In the spring, the cheese will have more of a lemon-like tang, while the Chevre produced in the autumn will be more buttery in flavor.

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