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Join us on Sunday, July 20th at Beautiful Shelburne Farms

Tickets are on sale now!

If you love local food, or just love to eat, then
for our
13th Annual Flavors of the Valley!

Sunday, April 13 2014 11am - 3pm
at Hartford High School
The Upper Valley's premier tasting event for locally grown foods.

Cheesemaking Classes & Workshops

Westminster Artisan Cheesemaking

Hands-On Cheesemaking
with Peter Dixon of Dairy Foods Consulting



Advanced Cheesemaking : Soft-ripened and Blue Cheeses
April 7 - 9

Affinage: Techniques, Microbes and Facilities  
April 11 - 13

Advanced Cheesemaking: Washed-curd, Grana, and Hard Alpine Cheeses
April 15 - 17

Introduction to Cheesemaking
April 22 - 28

HACCP: Food Safety/Risk Reduction for Small-Scale Cheesemakers  
May 12-13

Click here for complete details and schedule of dates.

Cornell University Department of Food Science
Dairy Foods Certificate Program

Cornell Dairy Foods Extension is now offering curriculum based certificates in the areas of fluid milk processing for quality & safety; yogurt & fermented dairy foods; and cheese manufacture. Required courses for the certificate programs are listed in the Extension Calendar along with other training and meeting opportunities.

Sterling College

and the Cellars at Jasper Hill

with Ivan Larcher

Artisan Cheese Program
May 27 - June 6

Application Deadline: April 25, 2014


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