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Cabot Creamery Cooperative, founded by 94 pioneering dairy farm families in northern Vermont in 1919, has now grown to more than 1,200 farm-family owners throughout New England. Those owner-operators are still dedicated to producing cheddar in the traditional cheese-maker’s time-honored way – with no additives or preservatives – and according to the highest standards of dairy quality. As a result, Cabot Cheddars have won every major national and international award for taste since that founding in 1919, including “The World’s Best Cheddar.”

Now a national brand, Cabot Creamery is an exemplar of the cooperative way of doing business – caring about the land, its owners’ farms and the communities in which they live. Cabot’s bottom line measures not only profits, but social responsibility and environmental sustainability. And Cabot community programs and educational programs – working with business and consumer groups from the National Cooperative Business Association and the Consumer Federation of America to the Girl Scouts of America – have won Cabot even more awards.

The Cabot Visitors Center, at Cabot Village in Cabot, VT, offers tours of the cheese making plant, as well as samples of “The World’s Best Cheddar” in its retail store the Cabot Waterbury Annex Store, along Vermont Route 100 in the Stowe/Waterbury area, offers samples of hard-to-find and artisanal cheeses from many Vermont cheese makers, including Cabot Creamery’s own national and international-award-winning cheddar or, stop by our newest store in Quechee Vermont for a sampling of our cheddars, and other fine Vermont products.  Nestled among the beautiful Victorian brick buildings of Portland’s Old Port shopping district, you’ll find an authentic taste of New England at the Cabot Farmers’ Annex. As you stroll along Commercial Street, taking in the view of Casco Bay, be sure to stop in at the Annex to shop a fine selection of Cabot products and Maine crafts. And, of course, Cabot cheeses can be found in retail dairy departments and specialty cheese stores all across the country.


Cabot Creamery Cooperative

Visit us at any of our four locations!

Cabot Visitor Center & Tours
2878 Main Street, Cabot, VT 05647

Cabot Annex Store
2657 Waterbury-Stowe Road, Waterbury Center, VT 05677

Cabot Quechee Store
5573 Woodstock Road, Quechee, VT 05059

Cabot Farmers’ Annex
163 Commercial Street, Portland, ME 04101




The finest cheddar cheese in the world is proudly made by Cabot Creamery in Vermont. Using only pure, fresh milk provided by our farmer-owners, all of Cabot’s cheddars are made naturally, without chemicals or preservatives. We let time, gentle care and Mother Nature nurture our cheddars until they are aged for our specific flavor profiles.

White Oak Cheddar

This cheddar offers subtle caramel sweetness with delicate hints of the duskiness of wine aging casks. Inspired by the best of British cheddars, our Lactose-Free White Oak honors balance, sharpness, and a smooth milky texture. We’ve crafted this special cheese similarly to Cabot’s 2013 American Cheese Society Winner, Clothbound Cheddar, but without the cave aging process.

Available in 6-ounce Dairy Bars, our White Oak Cheddar is part of our special line of Legacy Collection cheeses.

For information on where to purchase, click here.


Orne Meadows Cheddar

Savor the nostalgia of Cabot’s Founders’ Collection. These truly unique cheeses are made from the original recipes created by our founding farmers in 1919.

Available in a 6-oz block, Orne Meadows will transport you back in time to the fresh rolling hills of early 20th century Vermont. It’s perfect for slicing and pairing, and its robust, sharp cheddar flair is delicious with muted crackers and warm breads. With a subtly sweet fruity and nutty finish, Orne Meadows is also a tasty choice for your next wine and cheese gathering.

For information on where to purchase, click here.


New York Vintage Cheddar

As big and bold as New York, this classic cheddar boasts a complex, layered sharpness. Rich flavors combine with a crumbly texture for a fresh-off-the-dairy-farm experience.

Available in 6-ounce Dairy Bars, our Lactose-Free New York Vintage is part of our special line of Legacy Collection cheeses.

For information on where to purchase, click here.


New York Extra Sharp Cheddar

We age our delicious Lactose-Free New York Extra Sharp Deli Bars for 12 months to achieve the perfect balance of tangy sharp cheddar and subtle undertones of grapefruit and bergamot.

Enjoy a thick, hearty slice on your next sandwich or grate it over a steaming bowl of pasta for an extra zing. Or, cube it up and savor the simple, pure taste of New York on its own.

For information on where to purchase, click here.


Lamberton Cheddar

A part of our unique Founders’ Collection, Lamberton is made from the original recipes created by Cabot’s founding farmers a century ago. Lamberton is a traditional British-style cheddar, boasting a smooth, buttery undertone to its caramelized, sharp tang.

Pick up a 6-oz block today and try a taste of the farm alongside crisp, sweet fruits like pears or red grapes.

For information on where to purchase, click here.


Farmhouse Reserve White Cheddar

A bold and creamy Lactose-Free Extra Sharp Cheddar with a Northeast Bite! This cheese delivers lush and rich taste in a mellow, well-defined, slightly crumbly body. Balanced flawlessly, this artisanal-grade cheddar whispers with subtleties that are evocative of our farmers’ valley fields. As in the best cheddars, classic sharp notes linger appealingly through each bite.

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Gourmet Flavored Cheeses

Aged for two months or longer, these sprightly young cheddars provide an ideal backdrop for our popular gourmet flavors. Versatile and varied, these flavored cheddars are perfect for creamy soups or classic canopies, hot hors d oeuvres or simple snacks, quiches or tarts, quesadillas or pizza.

Smoky Bacon Cheddar

Not many people would have to be talked into trying this flavor combination. What’s not to love about hickory smoke, cheddar, and bacon? Full-flavored and hearty, our Lactose-Free Smoky Bacon Cheddar is superb for slicing and snacking. Or try shredding it to elevate a plain baked potato into a gooey, smoky, cheesy masterpiece.

For information on where to purchase, click here.


Hot Buffalo Wing Cheddar

Blistering hot buffalo wing sauce flavor is hand-rubbed into our cool and creamy cheddar. The spicy exterior of our Lactose-Free Hot Buffalo Wing Cheddar is a blend of hot chilies, garlic, onions, and sweet cream for a combination you will call crave-worthy.

Slice it and serve it on a grilled chicken sandwich or fold it into a wrap for a hot and savory cheddar burst.

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Ole! Our fieriest chili concoction yet features habanero and jalapeño peppers. Tastebuds and sales have heated up as people discover the flavor that took home top honors as the “Hot Cheese” at the Fiery Food Challenge. Give a boost to burritos and a spice to souffles.

For more information on where to purchase, click here.

Light Cheeses

The first, and still foremost, light Cheddar on the market. These award-winning Cheddars will melt in your mouth and on the grill!

Sharp Light Cheddar

Cabot’s Light Cheddars keep winning in taste tests nationwide. Why? Because we know how to craft great cheddar. One 1-oz serving has just 70 calories & 4.5g fat. “Less fat -not no fat- means better flavor and texture. We like Cabot the best.” – Cooking Light magazine.

For more information on where to purchase, click here.

Other Cheeses

Colby Jack

Similar in flavor to mild cheddar, tasty Colby Jack is softer and more elastic in texture, yet every bit as delicious, as its first cousin. A combination of Monterey Jack and Colby, this smooth, mellow cheese is ideal for cooking, nibbling or serving with fruit and crackers.

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