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Does' Leap

Does' Leap
Kristan Doolan and George VanVlaanderen
Telephone (802) 827-3046

Does' Leap produces fresh chevre, Feta, and two aged cheeses: Caprella, soft-ripened with a bloomy white rind ages 3-4 weeks, and Does' Leap Tomme ages 2 to 6 months (7 lb. wheel). They are a certified organic dairy and graze their goats on pasture. Their seasonal cheeses are available at Burlington Farmers' Market in City Hall Park during the summer and at select restaurants and retailers in the area.

Cheese Varieties

Fresh Chevre ,fresh, soft goat cheese embodies all of the unique flavors that result from our reliance on having the goats harvest the majority of their diet from the flora on our farm. Our Chèvre’s smooth texture and unique flavor profile make it great plain, with crackers or bread, in sauces, and on salads. Sold in 9 oz. tubs and 5 lb. containers (wholesale).

Feta, a semi-firm feta with a clean, distinct flavor. A favorite for our farmer’s market customers. Sold in 8 oz. containers.

Caprella, in the camembert family with the characteristic penicillium molds, aged three to five weeks in our cheese cellar. These four inch round cheeses weigh approximately 5 ounces.

Trappist, a washed-rind cheese made with our unpasteurized milk and is aged 3 to 6 months. It is characterized by its supple body and bold, nutty flavor.

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