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Fat Toad Farm

Calley Hastings, Judith Irving and Steve Reid
787 Kibbee Road
Brookfield, VT 05036

Who we are
Fat Toad Farm is a small family-run goat dairy located in the hills of Central Vermont. The family members are Steve Reid, Judith Irving, and Calley and Josey Hastings.  We have a small herd of 40 Alpine and Saanen goats that are rotationally grazed from spring to fall and live in a warm, snug greenhouse during the winter.  We also raise pigs and chickens, who thrive on the whey created during the cheesemaking process. 

Our products
We specialize in making farmstead, artisanal cheeses and caramel from our goats’ milk.  Both the cheese and caramel are handcrafted in small batches several times a week.  Their flavor reflects the unique characteristics of our pastures and landscape and the changing season. 

We make our creamy, spreadable fresh chevres several times a week.  The process takes 24 hours from start to finish.  When you eat our fresh chevre, it is just a few days away from having been sun, grass and water.  Our fresh chevres are available in Plain, Maple, Sundried Tomato Basil, Ginger Cilantro Sesame and Olive Lovers’. 

The inspiration for our caramel comes from a traditional Mexican confection, cajeta. Before widespread refrigeration became available, ranchers in Mexico preserved extra milk by combining it with sugar and cooking it over a low fire, turning it into caramel.  The tradition lives on at our farm as we hand stir simmering goats’ milk for several hours until it becomes rich and creamy with a deep golden color.  Our caramel is available in Original, Coffee Bean, Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon flavors. 

Where to find our products
You can find our fresh cheeses and caramel at co-ops and natural and specialty food stores throughout Vermont and other select stores in New England.  Our products are also available for purchase directly from our farm stand and via our web site

Where we are
Fat Toad Farm is located in Brookfield, a small town in central Vermont, about 10 minutes off of I-89.  We are happy to have visitors.  Please call ahead to make sure we are available.  You can find directions on our web site. 

"One of the most velvety-textured, moist chevres I've ever had, with only a slight tartness - creamy and fresh-tasting." 
Ruth Miller “Beer and Cheese Maven” 

Cheese Varieties

Fresh Chevre: This cheese speaks for itself. Include its creamy delicate flavor in dishes such as pasta, pizza, salads and more.

Flavored Chevre, Our uniquely flavored fresh cheeses- Sundried Tomato and Basil, Ginger Cilantro Sesame and Olive Lovers' Chevre work great as instant hors d'oeuvres. Serve with bread, crackers or fresh vegetables.

Maple Chevre:,Our trademark cheese that highlights the best of Vermont. Think maple cheesecake! Amazing when paired with fruit or used in desserts. Spread on crepes, waffles, pancakes and toast.

Artisanal Goat Milk Caramel (cajeta) in four flavors: original, vanilla  bean, coffee bean and cinnamon.


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