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Located next to a covered bridge in scenic Grafton Village, Vermont, Grafton Village Cheese Company is "dedicated to preserving the cheddar making tradition started here in 1892."

Grafton cheese handcrafts artisanal cheddar cheese that is aged from one to four years. This award-winning cheddar is made from primarily Jersey cow milk (raw milk, hormone free), all from small Vermont family farms.

Raw-milk cheeses have depth and complexity of flavor so appreciated by cheese lovers; aged cheddar, like fine wine, is a living, breathing product of the earth.

The tradition continues with the new Grafton Cave Aged line. Introduced in 2011, this new line of fine cheeses takes Grafton beyond its roots in cheddar cheese. Grafton Cave Aged cheeses are made by Grafton’s award-winning cheesemaker Dane Huebner and are carefully matured in our new cave aging facility in the heart of Grafton Village.

Grafton Cheese is part of the nonprofit Windham Foundation, whose mission is to promote Vermont’s rural communities. When you purchase Grafton Cheese, you help to further our mission that benefits both Vermonters and visitors to our state.

A "must-see" tourist destination, Grafton Village appears virtually untouched by the 20th century, featuring the Grafton Inn (one of the nation’s oldest operating inns), Grafton Forge blacksmith shop, a steepled white church, Grafton Ponds Outdoor Center, art galleries and artisan shops and of course, Grafton Village Cheese. Grafton was named among the 10 most beautiful towns in the US, by USA Weekend.

Grafton Village Cheese operates two retail shops, one in Grafton and one in Brattleboro. Both shops feature a full-service artisanal cheese selection with over 80 varieties of cheese, fine wines, Vermont microbrews, specialty foods, Vermont products and gifts, and more. Both stores offer daily cheese tasting and a video loop that describes the Grafton cheddar process.

In Grafton, the cheese shop is now located in the heart of historic Grafton village, right next to the Grafton Inn. Viewing cheesemaking can be done at its production facility on 533 Townshend Road on select days. The retail shop will have the most updated schedule.

Grafton Village Cheese can be purchased in its two retail stores in Grafton and Brattleboro, online at and by calling 800-GRAFTON (472-3866). Their products can also be found in many fine grocers and specialty food stores throughout the country.

Grafton Village Cheese

Grafton Village Cheese
56 Townshend Road
Grafton VT 05146, USA
400 Linden St. Route 30
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Telephone: 800-472-3866

Facebook: Grafton Village Cheese Company
Twitter: @GraftonCheese


Cheese Varieties


Unpasteurized Cheddars
• 1 Year Aged
• 2 Year Aged
• 3 Year Aged
• 4 Year Aged

Flavored Cheddars
• Maple Smoked
• Sage (seasonal)
• Garlic (seasonal)

Cave Aged Cheeses
• Vermont Leyden
• Vermont Naked Cheddar
• Grafton Clothbound Cheddar

Grafton Duet
Pairs Grafton Premium Cheddar with St. Pete's Blue

Sheep & Cow
Cave Aged Cheeses
• Barn Dance
• Shepsog

Cave Aged Cheeses
• Bismark
• Truffled Bismark
• Red Vask
• Bear Hill


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