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Lakes End Cheeses

Lakes End Cheeses
Alton and Joanne James
212 West Shore Road
Alburg, VT 05440

Nestled at the very northwestern part of the Green Mountain state is Lakes End Cheeses, a family owned and operated farm since the fall of 1999. Surrounded by lush greenery while being confronted with the vast shores of beautiful Lake Champlain, this dairy is located in the epitome of the Champlain Islands. In the small town of Alburg, Vermont is the picturesque location of this quaint setting, where with every turn is breath taking scenery from both the Adirondacks across the lake to the historic lighthouses on both points which guard the sanction of this small farm.

Joanne James is the owner and artist who creates all of the cheeses currently available at the dairy's retail store, Shoreline Chocoloates. The seraphic combination of chocolates and cheeses is well known throughout the Islands and draws a familiar crowd of locals and tourists year round. Every round of cheese is hand crafted by Joanne, who bestows a special qualtiy to each that is sold. All natural ingredients and raw milk ensures a healthy, home-made taste that is surly unforgettable once it is savored by that first bite.

The hard working Jersey cows and Toggenburg goats generously contribute their milk to Joanne's cheese making process. Each animal on the farm has their own obligations to perform on a daily basis which helps the farm operation run smoothly. The twenty-five Bard Rock hens graciouly lay their eggs to be collected and sold at the retail store, the two pigs turn and help the compost pile along, the cats are the organic mouse traps that help keep the pests to a minimum, and the infamous Henry, crows at the crack of dawn to make sure all is well and awake. Every animal on the farm pulls their own weight which helps make the operation a success when it comes to chore time. A rotational pasture system is also set up for the cows and goats so that each section of the bountiful fields is given time to re-grow. This sixty-acres are put to good use for both the animals and the farm hands when haying season graces the work load every summer.

Lakes End Cheeses continues to create each cheese round with that special hand-crafted, down-home, Vermont goodness. Available in most stores throughout the Champlain Islands, or online at, it's simple to keep up with the newly releases flavors as they arrive. So why not take a scenic drive through Grand Isle county and visit a little Vermont heaven, a quaint family farm know as Lakes End Cheeses

Cheese Varieties

Cow and Goat Blend:
Misty Cove

Champlain Chevre

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