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Ploughgate Creamery

Ploughgate Creamery
Marisa Mauro

Marisa Mauro owns and operates Ploughgate Creamery in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

The vision for Ploughgate Creamery evolved from her passion for artisan cheesemaking, fostered during nearly a decade of working alongside pioneers of American farmstead cheese. Mauro’s individual skills and knowledge reflect time spent with producers across the U.S. including Woodcock Farm, Yerba Santa Dairy, Bodega Goat Cheese, Shelburne Farm, and Bonnieview Dairy.

Ploughgate Creamery aims to collaborate with community based agricultural businesses in the interest of supporting the Vermont Dairy Industry; all milk is sourced from Hancock Family Farm in Conventry, Vermont where the same family has been milking for 100 years.

For distribution and aging, Ploughgate collaborates with the Cellars at Jasper Hill. The Cellars are recognized for their affinage expertise, as well as for contributions to the Vermont cheesemaking tradition.

Ploughgate Creamery participates in the Montpelier and Stowe Farmers Markets. Ploughgate cheese can be found at restaurants and stores throughout Vermont and select locations in Boston and New york.

photos by Ali Kaukas

Cheese Varieties

is a smooth, rich, and creamy spreadable cheese. It is available in plain, sundried-tomato garlic, and chive.

is a soft ripened bloomy rind cheese. It is velvety in texture with a mild flavor.

is a wash rind cheese with smoky notes and overtones reminiscent of Spring. The rind is washed with Honey Gardens Apiaries Traditional Mead. Willoughby is also washed for special events in a variety of micro-brews.


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