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Re-inventing The Wheel

The Plymouth Cheese Factory, located in Plymouth, Vermont, is the second oldest cheesemaking operation in the United States. John Coolidge, the father of President Calvin Coolidge, started the cheese factory in 1890 and Plymouth Cheese as we know it today was born.

The Coolidge family produced this historic cheese until 1998. In 2009 Jesse Werner took over the Plymouth Cheese Factory as the new cheesemaker. Now, once again Plymouth Cheese is being made by hand to the same exacting standards, which a pedigreed American heritage cheese demands.

Plymouth Artisan Cheese creates raw whole cow’s milk cheeses by hand in small batches. All of our milk comes from a dedicated herd close by in Tinmouth, Vermont. We continually monitor the herd for quality and test the milk to ensure the best dairy practices are being kept and the milk is free of hormones, additives and antibiotics. We are committed to the ideas and philosophies of the Slow Food movement, as well as protecting and promoting the working landscapes of Vermont.

Our Granular Curd cheese is a true American original made using the same techniques practiced in Vermont in the 1890’s.The art of achieving the rich and distinct flavors of our cheese is through the skillful cutting and continuous stirring of the curds – a process that takes hours and is a defining feature of this historic American cheese.  Plymouth Cheese has been described as tangy, rich, old fashioned and uncomplicated. Our Cheese is produced in small wheels, 3lb, 1lb & .5lb blocks.

“Julia Child considered Plymouth Cheese her favorite…”
       – St. Petersburg Times


Plymouth Artisan Cheese

Division of Fairfield Farms Artisan Cheese, LLC
106 Messer Hill Road, Plymouth, Vermont 05056


We are open every day! 
Winter hours are 10 – 4 pm
Summer hours are 10 – 5 pm

We offer free cheese samples, and self-guided tour throughout the Plymouth Cheese Factory building.
We have big windows that look into our cheesemaking rooms, as well as an onsite cheese museum.
If you have a large group, please call ahead of time to organize a tour. Please also call ahead for our cheesemaking schedule.



A mellow, creamy cheese, cold-smoked over hickory wood using traditional Vermont techniques for a rich, savory flavor.

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Plymouth Reserve

Our cheeses are crafted, cut and waxed by hand – the way they did it over 125 years ago on the Plymouth homestead.

Granular curd cheese is very similar to cheddar, but it’s made in a technically different way. The art of achieving the rich, open-bodied texture of granular curd cheese is through the skillful cutting and continuous stirring of the curds.

The secret to making great cheese is to get the best and highest quality raw milk supply possible. We use only the finest Vermont raw cow’s milk free of any additives, ant-biotics or rBST. Our milk is sourced from […]

Rum Runner

One of Plymouth’s signature cheeses, Rum Runner is washed with paprika, cocoa, olive oil, clove and rum.

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Red, White & Blue

Red foil envelops this ivory cheese streaked with blue veins and punctuated with irregular holes and small eyes. Clean, fresh and original, this cheese has a smooth, creamy texture and mild peppery accents.

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