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von Trapp Farmstead

Sebastian and Dan von Trapp


Sebastian and Dan von Trapp set out to revitalize their parents' dairy farm through artisan cheesemaking. Each generation has called for a fresh approach to keep the family business viable: their parents turned to certified-organic milk production while Sebastian and Dan have built a cheese house to transform this exceptional raw material into unique and delicious cheese.

Oma, their first cheese, started as a strategy for revitalizing their family’s hillside farm, and their lineup has expanded


Cheese Varieties


Oma is an American original. An approachable soft washed rind cheese, made from von Trapp Farmstead organic, raw milk. The texture is silky, and spreadable but not runny. Aged and available through the Cellars at Jasper Hill



Mt. Alice - This bloomy rind Camembert-style cheese is an elegant milky delight composed of our organic pasteurized cows milk and aged for 3-5weeks. Mt. Alice's namesake is the peak southeast of our farm beside Scrag Mountain. Available through Provisions distribution.


Named for Samuel S. Savage, the man who settled the von Trapp farm in the 1700s, Savage is an Alpine style cheese, hard-cooked and pressed, and aged for 8-12 months. Savage is comprised of our organic unpasteurized cows milk and delivers with bold, nutty and sweet flavors. Currently only available at our farm.



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