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Woodcock Farm Cheese Company is owned and operated by Mark and Gari Fischer in Weston, Vermont.  The Fischers make cheese with the milk collected from their herd of East Friesian dairy sheep which graze on pastures bordered by the West River.  Mark and Gari have been milking sheep and making cheese for over 15 years.  With the help of their daughter, the Fischers create over 10 different varieties of cheese, both from their own sheep’s milk and from single source, local cow’s milk.  All of their cheeses are made in small batches and crafted by hand using traditional European techniques.  Their cheeses are available seasonally at several local farmer’s markets, at their farm, and at many fine & artisan food stores, co-ops, and restaurants throughout the Northeast.  Please feel free to contact the Fischers for any additional information regarding visiting the farm, purchasing cheese, or for a list of their available cheeses.


Woodcock Farm

Mark and Gari Fischer
P.O. Box 21
Weston, Vermont 05161




Summer Snow

seasonal (spring thru summer) Sheep’s milk, soft ripened, bloomy rind, camembert style., This cheese is unique in flavor and texture; the inside is a contrast between its runny, sweet exterior and its lemony chevre like interior, coated in a velvety white rind. 1/4 lb. round (12 ounces).

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