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Woodcock Farm

Woodcock Farm Cheese Company
Mark and Gari Fischer
P.O. Box 21
Weston, VT 05161
phone: 802-824-6135

For centuries, the Europeans have enjoyed the distinctive flavor of cheeses made from sheep's milk. In fact, more sheep are milked than any other animal worldwide, and some of the world's best cheeses - like Roquefort, Manchego, and Pecorino Romano - are made from the milk of sheep, not cows or goats. The making of sheep's milk cheese migrated to the United States only within the last 25 years, with Vermont farms being the most dedicated crafters. Vermont has earned a reputation for its award-winning cheeses, commitment to all-natural foods, and doffed pursuit of quality. Put these three factors together and you describe the Woodcock Farm Cheese Company. Situated just outside the historic village of Weston in the Green Mountains of Vermont, cheesemakers Mark and Gari Fischer had craft a select variety of artisanal cheese from farm-fresh sheep's milk. We pride ourselves on the flavor and texture of the cheeses we lovelingly create and tend throughout the year.

In keeping with the age-old tradition, our flock of East Friesian sheep - a breed highly regarded by cheesemakers - graze on 45 acres of lush organic pastures. This healthy diet gives the cheese its rich, buttery flavor. We collect the milk in the morning and add rennet to produce the curds, which form the basis for the many types of cheese produced here at Woodcock Farm.

When Vermont' winter buries the grassy pastures under snow, the sheep are no longer milked. Like fine wine, our cheeses grow better with age and we spend these months tending to the process, wiping rinds by hand as needed and monitoring critical temperatures.

Cheese Varieties

Summer Snow, seasonal (spring thru summer) $13.00/lb. Sheep's MIlk, soft ripened, bloomy rind, camembert style., This cheese is unique in flavor and texture; the inside is a contrast between its runny, sweet exterior and its lemony chevre like interior, coated in a velvety white rind. 1/4 lb. round (12 ounces)

Weston Wheel, seasonal (end of summer thru winter) Sheep Milk Tomme, Manchego style, semi firm texture with tangy & nutty flavors. Aged 4 - 6 months, 5-6 lb. wheel

Ewe II, ,seasonal. Sheep's milk, semi soft- smooth & creamy. Aged 2-3 months, 8 lb. wheel

Sheep and Cow OR Cow:
Magic Mountain, seasonal. MIxed sheep and cow's'milk OR cow's milk, alpine style. Sweet & nutty with fruity undertones. Aged 10-12 months. 9-10 lb. wheel

Timberdoodle, available year round, Cow's milk, Tallegio-style, washed rind, semi soft. This rectangular cheese has a sticky orange rind and a creamy soft interior. The rind imparts much of the strong flavor to the cheese and is complemented by the smooth texture and creamy, fresh flavors of the interior. 10-12 lb. slab

Cloud NIne, seasonal (winter into spring). Cow's milk, soft ripened,bloomy rind, camembert style. 3/4 lb. rounds.

Humble PIe, available year round. Cow's milk, soft-ripened, washed rind, modeled after a Robiola. 3/4 - 1 lb. round (12 ounces).

True Blue, available year round. Cow's milk, similar to a MOuntain Gorgonzola. This large blue cheese has a crumbly texture and a sweet buttery flavor. 20-25 lb. wheel.

Kind of Blue, available year round. Cow's milk, soft- ripened blue cheese. A milk blue flavor with a creamy and ver ysoft- even gooey interior spotted with blue. 2-2.5 lb. wheel.



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