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Fondly named after our Mom who works behind the scenes but doesn’t want any recognition! Cow and goat’s milk blend, aged 3-5 month whose flavor intensifies as it ages.  Swiss style finished with Spiced Apple Cider wash.  The spiced cider flavor permeates the cheese perfectly.  Melts well.  Pairs well with sparkling wines, Merlot, pears and grapes.

American Cheese Society: 2015 -Bronze
Eastern States Big E competition: 2014-Silver

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Smoking Goud


Cob smoked Gouda-style made with goat milk and aged 2-5 months. A creamy mild cheese with a distinct cob smoked flavor.  Pairs well with fruity Zinfandel, strawberries, wheat crackers.
American cheese society: 2015 – Bronze

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Très Bonne


French for very good!  Made with goat milk and aged 2-5 months.  Our version of Gouda. Fresh, mild and nutty flavor.  A favorite with kids!  Pairs well with sparkling cider wines, pale ales, fresh fruits.

World Championship Cheese Contest: 2016- Bronze
American Cheese Society Awards: 2012-Bronze, 2013-Silver, 2014-Gold
Eastern States Big E competition: 2013-Gold
ADGA competition: 2014-bronze

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Parish Hill Creamery

This traditional Tomma has a bright milky flavor and slight tang when young, becoming sharper and more robust with age. Wild molds are encouraged during aging resulting in rind resembling gray stone. Aged 5 to 10 months.

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Suffolk Punch


Gourd-shaped, whole milk Caciocavallo-style cheese is a classic pasta filata made by stretching lactic fermented curd in hot water to form the traditional shape. Caciocavallo – cheese on horseback, refers to the way two cheeses are tied at the ends of a long rope and then hung over a rod to age, like saddlebags thrown over the back of a horse. Our Suffolk Punch ages for at least 2 months, is rubbed with olive oil and polished during the process to create an edible rind. The interior is firm and smooth when young and becomes flaky and drier with age. The flavor is buttery, tangy, and even peppery, especially when aged more than 6 months.

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Part-skim, long aged Gruyere-style cheese with a scattering of small eyes throughout the solid, toothsome paste. Tropical and piquant notes mingle in this sharp yet sweet cheese. Idyll slices nicely and melts beautifully. 40 pound wheels are 14 inches in diameter and aged at least one year.  (available spring 2016).

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Vermont Herdsman


Whole milk cheese made in the method of Asiago Grasso Monte. VT Herdsman is made in the summertime when the cows are grazing on hillside pastures and aged for at least 9 months to develop a full, slightly sharp flavor with hints of pineapple and hazelnuts. The interior texture is smooth and becomes more granular as the cheese ages beyond 12 months. The outside is periodically scrubbed with salt brine to produce a straw colored, edible rind.

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Bear Hill


This washed-rind alpine style cheese, made with 100% sheep milk, is gently fruity and nutty, with a smooth, milky mouthfeel and a hint of sweetness. Named for the bluff overlooking Grafton Village.

Recent Awards:
Third, American Cheese Society, 2014
Best in Show 2nd Place, American Cheese Society, 2013
First Place Ribbon, American Cheese Society, 2013
Gold, International Cheese Awards
Third Place Ribbon, American Cheese Society, 2012

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Red Vask


A cheese like no other, this is our washed-rind wheel made of 100% sheep’s milk. Beneath the red exterior is a supple, semi-soft white paste. Aged for a minimum of two months, Red Vask presents a mellow, smooth and meaty flavor.

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In a remarkable display of synergy, our expert cheesemakers combine high-quality sheep and cows’ milk to make a gorgeous wheel of cheese, which is then cave-aged for at least five months. Complex and earthy, its butter-yellow semi-firm paste is protected by a velvety rind of white and gray molds.

Recent Awards
Super Gold, World Cheese Awards, 2014
First, American Cheese Society, 2014
Gold (2), International Cheese Awards, 2014
National Sheep Assoc. Trophy, Best Ewe’s Cheese, 2014
Third, World Championship Cheese Contest, 2014
Bronze, International Cheese Awards, 2013
Super Gold (top 16), World Cheese Awards, 2012
Silver Medal, Big E Cheese Competition, 2012

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