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Marinated Feta

Our own raw cow’s milk feta marinated in grape seed oil, sun dried tomato’s, garlic, herbs. Available in 9 oz tamper proof containers or bulk by request.

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Cultured Buttermilk

A low-fat alternative to traditional buttermilk our Cultured Buttermilk cuts the fat, not flavor.

Don’t sacrifice taste for a healthier alternative! Our product offers the best of both worlds. Enjoy guilt free!

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Hunter is a classic Vermont extra-aged cheese. A robust, mature version of Original Plymouth distinguished by a bold sharpness with richly nuanced complexity.

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Fresh Strawberry

Try eating this season special on a graham cracker.  Tastes like strawberry cheesecake, but without the guilt.

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2% Milk

Our same delicious, certified organic milk, but a little lighter. With less calories but the same protein, essential vitamins and minerals, our 2% Milk is the perfect milk for your morning cereal.

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Clothbound Cheddar

This traditional English process – binding curds in cheesecloth, sealing with lard, and cave-aging over a year – give you a cheese with a flakey texture, woodsy flavor, and long, brothy finish. A standout […]


1.25lb cheese made with jersey milk and ripened for 4 – 5 weeks. It is washed weekly with a coffee bean-infused vodka. Supple with small holes and a lot of flavor.
available dec-may

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An artisan, Italian-style cheese unique to Vermont. This cheese has a complex, mild, almost nut-like with hints of cheddar flavor. It is an excellent cut cheese for appetizers or desserts, but also brings a […]

Green Mountain Nettle

Perhaps the only Artisinal Cheese made with Nettle in this country. A beautiful cheese with a landscape of dried nettle leaves. It is delicious and healthy for you too!

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Blended goat and cow ‘s milk cheese  — mild, moist and mellow flavor.

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The Cornerstone Original Project

Four cheesemakers made the same cheese, or did they?  What happens when we all follow one recipe, each use our own native cultures, use the same forms, and encourage wild rinds?  […]

Farmhouse Jack

A mild, smooth, milky sweet creamy cheese. Great for melting, or cooking, try it for grilled cheese sandwiches or have it with a glass of wine.

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English style farmhouse cheddar. Flavor is smooth when young and matures to a full complex taste that attacks the tongue with age. (also available with chipotle).

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Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid Scheme is our pyramid shaped triple cream with a layer of vegetable ash between the paste and rind.

Both the shape and ash layer change the ripening of this cheese you get even more […]