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Spruce is a supple, creamy, bloomy-rinded round wrapped and aged in strips of spruce bark harvested on the farm. Made in the fall and winter with a combination of goat’s and cow’s milk, and […]


Milk: Raw, organic Jersey cow (Sumner Farm, Halifax, VT)
This hand-crafted munster-style cheese originated in the eastern Vosges Mountains of the Alsace region as far back as the 7th century. It is caressed by hand […]


Soft-ripened bloomy rind cow’s milk cheese similar to brie or camembert. It is soft, buttery, tangy, creamy, and luscious. Storm is a very elegant cheese to nibble on with charcuterie, crackers and your favorite […]

Six-Month Cheddar

Farmhouse, Raw Milk. Our youngest, most versatile cheddar has a supple texture and delicate flavor … like fresh cream and buttered toast. Perfect for breakfast with preserves or melted in your favorite dish.

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Named after the Dutch city it came from, Gouda varies greatly with age.  Young gouda is typically consumed as a sandwich topping or snack, but aged gouda moves from a semi-hard to a […]


A raw goat milk cheese, washed in hard cider from our neighbors across the border in Granville, NY.  Aged just about two months, this cheese is soft near the edges and semi-firm in the […]

Middlebury Blue

A raw cow’s milk blue, made with Ayrshire milk from the cows next door. Aged sixty days, it is both creamy and crumbly and dare we say “town meets gown”, that unique experience when […]


A small, white bloomy-rinded disc, also ripened for two weeks. A bit milder than the Sterling, Madonna’s interior is smooth and lush. Sometimes ashed for a Selles-sur-Cher-style rind.

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