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Blended goat and cow ‘s milk cheese  — mild, moist and mellow flavor.

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1.25lb cheese made with jersey milk and ripened for 4 – 5 weeks. It is washed weekly with a coffee bean-infused vodka. Supple with small holes and a lot of flavor.
available dec-may

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April Fools’ Day 1-Year Cheddar

Our 1-year cheddar with a twist: it’s naturally dyed with annatto—derived from the seeds of the tropical achiote tree. This single batch was made last April Fools’ Day as our cheesemakers explored an old […]

Spoonwood Chevre

Milk: pasteurized Nubian & LaMancha goat (Charter Oak Farm, Huntington, MA)
A creamy mouthful! It’s slightly tangy and milky with a bit of citrus. Spread it on anything—put away that cream cheese.

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Semi-hard, natural raw milk from pasture fed Jersey Cows. Aged ten or more months; wheel size: 18-24 lbs./13.5”-15” in diameter, 3” in height.

2016 – Good Food Awards
2015 – 1st Place in Category – American […]


Named for Samuel S. Savage who settled the von Trapp farm in the 1700s, Savage is an Alpine-style cheese. It is hard pressed, and aged for 8-12 months.Savage is made with our organic unpasteurized […]


Raw Jersey cow’s milk is the basis of this Italian-style Toma, which is aged four to six months. A creamy texture and bright bite makes this a great sandwich cheese or an appetizer with […]