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Smoking Goud

Cob smoked Gouda-style made with goat milk and aged 2-5 months. A creamy mild cheese with a distinct cob smoked flavor.  Pairs well with fruity Zinfandel, strawberries, wheat crackers.
American cheese society: 2015 – Bronze

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Rum Runner

One of Plymouth’s signature cheeses, Rum Runner is washed with paprika, cocoa, olive oil, clove and rum.

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Paisley Blue

Paisley is the town in Scotland where some of Neil’s ancestors hail from. This cheese has a bit of the sheep milk sweetness, and the cow milk creaminess. Gentle as blues go.

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Bonnie Blue

Our first cow milk blue, this cheese is milder than Mossend Blue with a creamier texture and a soft briny quality. It is an accessible and less pungent blue that lends itself to prolonged […]

Garlic Gouda

Raw milk, this is our fastest selling flavored variety. Mellow garlic pairs nicely with the Gouda in melted cheese sandwiches or in omelets. I tell people this cheese will help fight winter colds – […]

Butter Cheddar

Butter Cheddar, also known as Butterkäse, is mild and creamy with a slightly salty or acidic taste reminiscent of Muenster or Gouda cheeses. Known for its delicate flavor, it literally melts […]

Hot Buffalo Wing Cheddar

Blistering hot buffalo wing sauce flavor is hand-rubbed into our cool and creamy cheddar. The spicy exterior of our Lactose-Free Hot Buffalo Wing Cheddar is a blend of hot chilies, garlic, onions, and sweet […]


Crawford is a rustic, eminently crowd-pleasing cow’s milk cheese made from beautiful Ayreshire cow’s milk supplied by our neighbors at Crawford Family Farm (hence the name). A versatile little number that will appease palates […]

Alpine Cheddar

Aged to creamy, nutty perfection. A subtle Swiss and Italian Alpine blend with a slight grana texture similar to Parmesan. At room temperature, this lactose-free cheese will surprise and delight even the most jaded […]

Hot Pepper

A hearty cheese enriched with zesty red, orange and green peppers for lively color and a spicy flavor. Aged 60 days.

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Named for Samuel S. Savage who settled the von Trapp farm in the 1700s, Savage is an Alpine-style cheese. It is hard pressed, and aged for 8-12 months.Savage is made with our organic unpasteurized […]

St. Albans

A uniquely American take on the French St. Marcellin, St. Albans takes its name from the town of St. Albans, Vermont and recalls the Creamery’s longstanding partnership with the St. Albans Cooperative, longtime producers […]

Smoked Kashar

Smoked Kashar is made from the same curd as the Kashar and Suffolk Punch and is also aged for at least 2 months.  Instead of going to the cave, Smoked Kashar is taken down […]


Semi-hard, natural raw milk from pasture fed Jersey Cows. Aged ten or more months; wheel size: 18-24 lbs./13.5”-15” in diameter, 3” in height.

2016 – Good Food Awards
2015 – 1st Place in Category – American […]