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Creamy and salty feta made with our rich cow’s milk is unlike any feta you’ve ever topped a salad with! It’s also great with eggs and pasta salads!

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Smoked Chevre

Available periodically throughout the summer and fall, is fresh chèvre which has been gently smoked over maple and apple wood from the farm. The smoky flavor is intentionally mild so that the fresh cheese […]


Blended goat and cow ‘s milk cheese  — mild, moist and mellow flavor.

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Sundried Tomato & Herb Feta

A fresh goats milk Feta, mild flavor and creamy texture. Marinated in a blend of olive and sunflower oils, herbs, sundried tomatoes and garlic. Great as an appetizer or instant dinner. Pour entire contents […]

Butter Cheddar

Butter Cheddar, also known as Butterkäse, is mild and creamy with a slightly salty or acidic taste reminiscent of Muenster or Gouda cheeses. Known for its delicate flavor, it literally melts […]

Farmhouse Reserve White Cheddar

A bold and creamy Lactose-Free Extra Sharp Cheddar with a Northeast Bite! This cheese delivers lush and rich taste in a mellow, well-defined, slightly crumbly body. Balanced flawlessly, this artisanal-grade cheddar whispers with subtleties […]

Oh My Gouda

Oh My Gouda is based on a Dutch Gouda recipe. It is a washed curd cheese aged 3 to 4 months. This sweet and nutty natural rind cheese is made with rich and creamy raw […]

Chèvre- Garlic

A summer favorite – creamy and light with just a subtle tang of sharpness. Perfect on a baguette or cracker, or try it warmed on top of a slice of tomato with basil, in […]


Weybridge is a lactic-set cheese with a delicate, bloomy rind. The lightly-aged style is simply meant to showcase the Scholten’s distinctive Dutch Belt milk. To learn her craft, Patty studied at the Vermont Institute […]

Drinkable Goat Milk Kefir

Creamy & Delicious Grass-Fed Goodness in a Bottle.
We only use the highest quality ingredients in our flavored drinkable Kefir.
We sweeten our kefir with Vermont Maple Syrup and Vermont Honey, NO sugar!
This isn’t just any […]


This French Alpine Cheese is a raw milk cheese aged for 5 months. High moisture French cheese with a hint of salt at the finish. Great for fondues.

Silver medal winner at 2013 Eastern States Exposition.

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