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Soft and perfect for a Caprese salad, Larry makes this cheese every Friday evening from June through September and it is only available for sale at the Waitsfield Farmers Market.

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Garlic & Dill Cheese Spread

Creamy goats milk cheese spread flavored with garlic, dill, salt, and pepper. Great as a sandwich spread, on crackers, in mashed potatoes, or bagels. My personal favorite! 4 or 8oz.

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Dessert Cheese

This sweet combination of natures gift of honey and the highest quality of dried fruit is a perfect healthy choice for dessert or an evening snack.

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Worcester Tomme

A raw-milk offering only available during the winter months. A rustic, Alpine-style tomme, Worcester is aged 3-5 months, developing a natural, earthy rind. The interior is pleasantly mild and smooth, with a little goaty […]

Half and Half

A creamy, cold glass of Kimball Brook Farm organic whole milk is a smart choice for your family and the environment. Creamy, rich and full of nutrients. Enjoy it in a glass. Cold and […]

Autumn Oak

This smooth and creamy natural rind cheese is made from the fresh rich milk of the farm’s own ewes. Its flavor is reminiscent of wild woodland mushrooms with a full mouth feel! Approx. 2.5 […]


An aged, raw goat’s milk peasant Tomme. Manchester has a nutty and earthy rustic bite that changes seasonally due to the goats’ rotational grazing on our pastures and the aging process itself. A bold […]

Artisan Reserve Cheddar

Revel in our lactose-free Artisan Reserve Cheddar, a distinctive artisanal cheddar hand-selected for premium quality. We’ve aged this specialty cheese for three full years to create exceptional flavor and aroma. Available in 1-pound bricks.

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Cultured Buttermilk

A low-fat alternative to traditional buttermilk our Cultured Buttermilk cuts the fat, not flavor.

Don’t sacrifice taste for a healthier alternative! Our product offers the best of both worlds. Enjoy guilt free!

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Organic 6oz Yogurts

Finally we have the tiny yogurts many of you asked for for so many years.  We love them and hope you do too.  We are thrilled to offer you our organic farmstead yogurt in […]


Available at the farmer’s market only. Made with 100% raw goat’s milk, this salty cheese is reminiscent of true Greek-style feta.

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