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As retail shops and restaurants have cut back on sales and even closed their doors temporarily due to COVID-19, animals that produce milk just don’t know that happened! Cheese still is made and our dairy farmers and cheesemakers still need to sell their cheese in order to keep their doors open. To help provide a way for our makers to keep moving cheese our of their aging spaces and to get some amazing cheeses onto your table – we have created an Online Sales DirectoryAn easy way to help if you don’t have a specific maker from whom you want to order:  Contact a shop listed on the directory, one in Vermont or an area near you, and ask for a bundle of 3-4 mixed styles of cheeses.  The amazing cheesemongers around us are there to help too! Thanks so much to all our loyal supporters – you have our greatest appreciation!

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Goat Milk Kefir

Our certified grass-fed goat milk kefir is super creamy, mild and delicious.
Packed full of microbiome friendly probiotics!

  • Certified Grass-Fed
  • Animal Welfare Approved
  • Easily Digestible
  • Made with Probiotics – Live Active Cultures

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Smoke Artisan Gouda

Firm, not to dry, and with slight crystallization this is a great comparison to traditional dutch gouda. Slightly smoky flavor makes this a very versatile cheese to use for cheese and crackers, grated onto eggs, […]

Bon Père

French for Good Father.  This is a cow and goat cheese blend aged 3-5 months. A delicious mild and creamy cheese that melts great.
Eastern States Big E competition: 2013-Gold, 2014-Gold.

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An 8 month cows milk Romano, rinds are rubbed with Lake Champlain’s Organic Cocoa and olive oil, 8 lb wheel.

Third Place -Best in Class at 2015 American Cheese Society Competition.

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Truffled Burrata

Strands of fresh pulled mozzarella are soaked in cream, mixed with earthy black truffles and then enveloped in a pocket of fresh mozzarella. Packed in a sea salt brine, our Truffled Burrata is loaded […]

Fromage Blanc

Milk: Pasteurized, organic Jersey cow (Sumner Farm, Halifax, VT)
Our fresh, golden-hued Fromage Blanc is a lightly salted cheese made from organic Jersey cow’s milk, for use in sweet or savory dishes. This dense version […]

Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid Scheme is our pyramid shaped triple cream with a layer of vegetable ash between the paste and rind.

Both the shape and ash layer change the ripening of this cheese you get even more […]


Feta is traditionally made with sheep milk. You’ll find a lot made with goat milk too. Ours is different because it’s made with cow milk. And because of that, people who don’t like traditional […]

Cream Top Whole Milk

Un-homogenized and multi-talented. Spoon the cream into your coffee and save the skim for a smoothie. Our Cream Top Whole Milk is minimally pasteurized so a smooth layer of cream sits on top. Shake, […]

Ben Nevis

This cheese is crafted from the same recipe as Coomersdale. It is a smaller wheel with a unique square shape.

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Lemon Organic Nonfat Yogurt

Our high protein organic skim milk, locally produced maple syrup, and special care in culturing and processing combine to bring you the smoothest tasting lemon yogurt available. The maple syrup we use is purchased […]


Wensleydale is a cheese with a rich history in the U.K, dating back to the mid 12th Century..  Once made only in Wensleydale by monks from sheep’s milk, it is now made all […]