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Cownty Tales

Full Cow Milk cheese, young, very mild.  Flavor compares to a mild cheddar, or string cheese.  Natural rind.

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Orne Meadows Cheddar

Savor the nostalgia of Cabot’s Founders’ Collection. These truly unique cheeses are made from the original recipes created by our founding farmers in 1919.

Available in a 6-oz block, Orne Meadows will transport you back […]


Milk: pasteurized Nubian & LaMancha goat (Charter Oak Farm, Huntington, MA)
Slice the top off a cone and what do you get? – this delicate goat’s milk cheese with a lightly blooming ash rind. The […]

Bonnie Blue

Our first cow milk blue, this cheese is milder than Mossend Blue with a creamier texture and a soft briny quality. It is an accessible and less pungent blue that lends itself to prolonged […]


Creamy and salty feta made with our rich cow’s milk is unlike any feta you’ve ever topped a salad with! It’s also great with eggs and pasta salads!

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Parish Hill Creamery

This traditional Tomma has a bright milky flavor and slight tang when young, becoming sharper and more robust with age. Wild molds are encouraged during aging resulting in rind resembling gray stone. […]


Snowball is a hand-formed ball of chévre dried down to a sec consistency. Aged 2-4 weeks, the snowball has a tannish-white geotrichum/penicillin rind and a firm, almost crumbly paste.

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Goat milk aged 6 months—1 year.  Semi-Firm, salty with a distinct flavor, available with brine in tubs, or vacuum packaged.

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Black Madonna

Black Madonna is a hand-formed round coated in ash, reminiscent of the French Selles-sur-Cher. Ripened for 2-3 weeks, Black Madonna develops a complex, speckled rind, taking on the appearance of a rounded river stone.

For […]

Plymouth Big Blue

Recognized by Food & Wine as one of the best artisanal cheeses in the nation, Big Blue showcases a thin stony rind surrounding a moist but dense cheese. With patches of small blue eyes, […]


English style farmhouse Cheshire. Dry in texture, peachy in color. Mild and lightly salty when young. Mature cheese acquire more piquancy with age.

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Red, White & Blue

Red foil envelops this ivory cheese streaked with blue veins and punctuated with irregular holes and small eyes. Clean, fresh and original, this cheese has a smooth, creamy texture and mild peppery accents.

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A summer favorite – creamy and light with just a subtle tang of sharpness. Perfect on a baguette or cracker, or try it warmed on top of a slice of tomato with basil, in […]


Milk: Raw, organic Jersey cow (Sumner Farm, Halifax, VT)
The goats are on vacation so we came up with a crumbly, yet velvety raw cow’s milk feta. Mildly salty and surprisingly funky, our version is […]