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Ricotta Alta

Ricotta “Alta” (the top) is a basket drained ricotta made from top portion of our kettles. Creamy in taste and silky in texture, this cheese sets itself apart from our standard ricotta. The basket drained style […]

Karim Nordic

A swiss-style cheese originally developed in Norway, with small eyes and creamy texture. Excellent in sandwiches and cooking; melts well. Made of part skim, raw, Jersey milk and aged 60-90 days.

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Fromage Blanc

Milk: Pasteurized, organic Jersey cow (Sumner Farm, Halifax, VT)
Our fresh, golden-hued Fromage Blanc is a lightly salted cheese made from organic Jersey cow’s milk, for use in sweet or savory dishes. This dense version […]


A small, white bloomy-rinded disc, also ripened for two weeks. A bit milder than the Sterling, Madonna’s interior is smooth and lush. Sometimes ashed for a Selles-sur-Cher-style rind.

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Lamberton Cheddar

A part of our unique Founders’ Collection, Lamberton is made from the original recipes created by Cabot’s founding farmers a century ago. Lamberton is a traditional British-style cheddar, boasting a smooth, buttery undertone to […]

Maple Fromage

Milk: Raw, organic Jersey cow (Sumner Farm, Halifax, VT)
We take our tangy, über-creamy fromage blanc and whip it together with just enough dark amber local Vermont maple syrup to create a yummy, versatile treat. […]

Alpha Tolman

Alpine cheeses like Appenzeller inspire the recipe for this Jasper Hill Creamery original. Alpha Tolman has a buttery, fruit & nut flavor when young, developing bold meaty, caramelized onion flavors as it matures. The […]

Organic Queso Fresco

Queso fresco is a traditional Mexican cheese and is a quintessential part of Mexican cuisine. The name queso fresco means “fresh cheese” in Spanish. In October 2011, we launched Organic Queso Fresco, a soft […]