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A washed rind cheese, raw milk, recipe from the Island of Corsica. The molds on the rind are typical of this French recipe. Smooth and semi-soft texture with a nutty flavor. Many times washed […]


Available at the farmer’s market only. Made with 100% raw goat’s milk, this salty cheese is reminiscent of true Greek-style feta.

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Autumn Oak

This smooth and creamy natural rind cheese is made from the fresh rich milk of the farm’s own ewes. Its flavor is reminiscent of wild woodland mushrooms with a full mouth feel! Approx. 2.5 […]


Plank-aged Alpine style cow’s milk. With its buttery yellow interior and nutty finish, this one is aged at least 6 months. Approx 4 pounds (Avail yr-round)

Bronze Medal at the World Cheese Awards Ireland, 2008, […]

Smoke Artisan Gouda

Firm, not to dry, and with slight crystallization this is a great comparison to traditional dutch gouda. Slightly smoky flavor makes this a very versatile cheese to use for cheese and crackers, grated onto eggs, […]

Bon Père

French for Good Father.  This is a cow and goat cheese blend aged 3-5 months. A delicious mild and creamy cheese that melts great.
Eastern States Big E competition: 2013-Gold, 2014-Gold.

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Feta is traditionally made with sheep milk. You’ll find a lot made with goat milk too. Ours is different because it’s made with cow milk. And because of that, people who don’t like traditional […]


With milk from our 15 grass-fed cows, we created this wheel that is cousin to our sheep milk Coomersdale. Buttery and smooth, it has slightly more tang than Coomersdale. The Ayers and Coomers families […]

Snow White

Milk: pasteurized Nubian & LaMancha goat (Charter Oak Farm, Huntington, MA)
She’s very pretty, even with a few wrinkles. And no pesky dwarfs to cramp her style. Underneath the gooey creamline there’s a silky pate […]


Our distinctive washed rind cheese made with our certified organic unpasteurized cows’ milk is aged at the Cellars at Jasper Hill for 60 -90 days. Oma balances slightly pungent meaty, savory and sweet flavors. […]