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Mountain Ash

Made in the same style as Storm but lightly dusted with a layer of fine ash for a piquant flavor. Some people are reminded of blue cheese as it suggests smoky flavors. It is […]

Sweet Cheddar

Sweet Cheddar boasts a sweet, full-cream flavor. This particular variety is especially popular for its firm, yet creamy texture, with a pleasant, savory taste at room temperature and is equally good on the cheese […]

Monterey Jack

There’s monterey jack and then there’s Neighborly Farms Monterey Jack! A two-time ACS award-winner, and the milder cousin to our recent blue-ribbon winner. Creamy and smooth, it’s the perfect compliment to Mexican food. In […]


Turkish Basket Provolone, aged for at least 2 months, then rubbed with olive oil and polished to create an edible rind. The interior is firm and smooth when young and becomes flaky and drier […]


A Sweet Rowen original, this basket tomme-style cheese is delicately washed with Eden Ice Cider lees (the dregs of a cider make). Aged for at least 90 days, this cheese has an initial yeasty […]


A hard, extra-aged, raw goat milk cheese. Inspired by dry Italian cheeses like Piave and Asiago. These large wheels are aged a minimum of six months. It’s pure, dense white paste reminds us of […]

Bon Père

French for Good Father.  This is a cow and goat cheese blend aged 3-5 months. A delicious mild and creamy cheese that melts great.
Eastern States Big E competition: 2013-Gold, 2014-Gold.

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A lush combination of our own goat’s milk enriched with Jersey cream from Butterworks Farm in Westfield, VT, Belvidere is a decadent treat. Belvidere’s yeast-ripened Geotrichum rind imparts a wild, bready aroma and flavor. […]

Butter Cheddar

Butter Cheddar, also known as Butterkäse, is mild and creamy with a slightly salty or acidic taste reminiscent of Muenster or Gouda cheeses. Known for its delicate flavor, it literally melts […]


This succulent and buttery washed-rind cheese has aromas of peat, roasted beef and onions – a strong and complex front for the subtle milky, herbal, ripe-peach flavors within. Willoughby has a thin, tender, rosy-orange […]


Raw Jersey cow’s milk is the basis of this Italian-style Toma, which is aged four to six months. A creamy texture and bright bite makes this a great sandwich cheese or an appetizer with […]

Lamberton Cheddar

A part of our unique Founders’ Collection, Lamberton is made from the original recipes created by Cabot’s founding farmers a century ago. Lamberton is a traditional British-style cheddar, boasting a smooth, buttery undertone to […]

Four Corners

Similar to its Welsh namesake, a brined cheddar with a natural rind, a slightly crumbly texture and a strong, tangy flavor that is best at three months. The exterior of Four Corners ranged from […]

Maple Banon

A semi-ripened, hand-formed round of chèvre wrapped in maple liqueur-soaked maple leaves and tied with raffia. This lovely little package has a deep, woodsy flavor with just a hint of sweetness. Only available in […]


Hunter is a classic Vermont extra-aged cheese. A robust, mature version of Original Plymouth distinguished by a bold sharpness with richly nuanced complexity.

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Snowball is a hand-formed ball of chévre dried down to a sec consistency. Aged 2-4 weeks, the snowball has a tannish-white geotrichum/penicillin rind and a firm, almost crumbly paste.

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