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New York Extra Sharp Cheddar

We age our delicious Lactose-Free New York Extra Sharp Deli Bars for 12 months to achieve the perfect balance of tangy sharp cheddar and subtle undertones of grapefruit and bergamot.

Enjoy a thick, hearty slice […]


Raw Jersey cow’s milk is the basis of this Italian-style Toma, which is aged four to six months. A creamy texture and bright bite makes this a great sandwich cheese or an appetizer with […]


Milk: pasteurized Nubian & LaMancha goat (Charter Oak Farm, Huntington, MA)
Slice the top off a cone and what do you get? – this delicate goat’s milk cheese with a lightly blooming ash rind. The […]

Blended Nevis

Sister cheese to Oradale, made at the same time but in a smaller form with a unique square shape, pressed by hand.

For information on where to purchase, click here.


Truffle Fromage Blanc

Our creamiest, whipped rendition of our full-fat fromage blanc, with the decadent addition of dried truffles. Addiction alert!

For information on where to purchase, click here.



Rare and unique washed rind that is aromatic, unctuous and decadent! Not for the faint of heart this stronger Abbey-style cheese was named in honor of the generations of ‘Paniolos’ or cowboys who have […]

Smoked Feta

We have taken our tried and true whole milk feta and added the subtle smoky flavor of our cherrywood chips.  Behold! Cheese bliss. Starting with fresh 100% Vermont whole milk, we create creamy wheels […]


Milk: Raw, organic Jersey cow (Sumner Farm, Halifax, VT)
This traditional camembert-style cheese has a soft, velvety white rind with aromas of earth and mushrooms. A melting straw-colored cream line surrounds the rich, buttery interior […]

Nonfat Plain Yogurt

Butterworks Farm Organic Nonfat Yogurt has a delicious, old-fashioned flavor and an extra smooth texture. Thickeners like lectin and dry milk powder are not necessary because our milk is naturally high in protein. Our […]


This French Alpine Cheese is a raw milk cheese aged for 5 months. High moisture French cheese with a hint of salt at the finish. Great for fondues.

Silver medal winner at 2013 Eastern States Exposition.

For […]

Goat Milk Creamline Yogurt

Happy, healthy, 100% grass-fed goats produced the sweetest milk.
Experience the difference of our fresh clean flavorful yogurt.
This yogurt is versatile, enjoy it with your favorite granola or fruit toppings.
It is indispensable as a dressing […]